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Hitec City Ohri’s serves ‘Item Bombs’


Customers at Ohri’s restaurant at Hitec City were appalled at the names of the milkshakes listed in the menu. The page is titled ‘Item Bombs’ and has the names of popular actresses listed against different milkshakes with words like sizzle, crunch and so on added to them.

From internatio­nal personalit­ies such as the singers Shakira and Beyonce, socialite Kim Kardashian to Indian stars like Sonakshi and Katrina, all of them lend their names to some milkshake or the other.

Mr Junaid Amir, a resident of Lingampall­y, said, “Initially we laughed when we saw the menu but when we realised that an entire page was listed in such a demeaning way, it was shocking. There is a clear sexist undertone to the menu. How can you name your milkshakes in this manner?”

In their defence, Ohri’s management claimed that their milkshake menu was listed this way only at HiTec City outlet as the place mainly draws a young crowd. According to a senior management official, “These are just names of our popular milkshakes. There are not representa­tive of anyone. We celebrate womanhood and any resemblanc­e to a person is purely coincident­al.”

Ms Padmavati Pamarthy, a women activist says, “It is a derogatory marketing tactic that nullifies sensitisat­ion of gender. Using the word hot, crunch and dazzle is in no way related to their art, credential­s or acting abilities. Acting is their profession and it gives no one the right to reduce their persona to symbols of sexuality.”

“Most cocktails are named after women in pubs across India. It is surprising how everyone fails to see the problem in this. We have grown so accustomed to just picking an item off the menu rather than questionin­g why it has been named in the way it has!”, says Sreeja Raj, a resident of Begumpet.

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