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See­ing pic­tures of food with calo­rie in­for­ma­tion ap­pears to change the way your brain re­sponds to the food, a study has found.

■ When food im­ages ap­peared with the calo­rie con­tent, the brain showed de­creased ac­ti­va­tion of the re­ward sys­tem.

■ The study is first of its kind to ex­am­ine how your brain makes food choices when calo­rie in­for­ma­tion is pre­sented.

■ While di­eters and non-di­eters alike rated calo­rie-la­belled foods as less ap­petis­ing, this ef­fect was strong­est among di­eters.

■ In other words, foods that you might oth­er­wise be in­clined to eat be­came less de­sir­able once the calo­rie con­tent was dis­played.

■ Re­searchers an­a­lysed re­sponses in two brain re­gions: the nu­cleus ac­cum­bens and or­bitofrontal cor­tex.

■ Study pub­lished in PLOS ONE sug­gests that di­eters may con­sider calo­rie in­for­ma­tion even when it isn't ex­plic­itly present.

■ Kristina Ra­puano, a Dart­mout Col­lege stu­dent, says in or­der to mo­ti­vate peo­ple to make health­ier food choices, pol­icy changes are needed.

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