May 22-June 22

Deccan Chronicle - - Fortune Cookie -

D on’t jump, but I’ve per­fected the art of as­tral trav­el­ling and am peer­ing over your shoul­der as you read this! It’s a skill that’s taught to all as­trologers; it helps us check the ac­cu­racy of our fore­casts. I’m de­lighted that you ap­pear to be do­ing well. Al­though I was quite sur­prised by your an­tics last night… Okay. I’ll stop! I just wanted to show you how easy it is for peo­ple to pre­tend that they know more about you than they do. This week, though, brings the dis­cov­ery that some­one cares more about you than they have re­vealed.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Don’t rock the love­boat! And if some­one else is do­ing the rock­ing, fear not. There is no need to cap­size.

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