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Though she has many favourite pic­tures, that of a pair of rose ringed para­keets at­tack­ing a mon­i­tor lizard is amongst the top. One of the rarest mo­ments in na­ture, it was the most repr duced im­age of her work, and re­ceived l of ap­pre­ci­a­tion, she re­calls.

Nar­rat­ing the story be­hind it, she says, “It hap­pened when I was shoot­ing mi­gra tory fowls in Ke­olodeo Na­tional Park. While I was kneel­ing on the ground to shoot them, all of a sud­den, I saw some­thing hur­ry­ing to­wards me. I turned my lens and was as­ton­ished to see a monito lizard run­ning for its life as a pair of par keets were fiercely at­tack­ing it and tryin to bite its tail.”

Lizards are typ­i­cally lazy, whereas para keets are peace­ful and keep to them­selves, she says, adding, “Here the para keet pair was driv­ing away the lizard tha was look­ing to steal the eggs. After the scared lizard dis­ap­peared into the bushe nearby, the para­keets con­tin­ued to watc till they were sure that it would not com back. This was the first time I wit­nessed para­keets be­ing ag­gres­sive. It re­minded me of how pro­tec­tive an­i­mals and birds too are of their ba­bies.”

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