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Parents wary of sending kids to school

We feel scared to even send our kids within our apartment premises to meet with their friends, says a parent


Even as government­s prepare to lift the lockdown soon, parents, especially of school students, are apprehensi­ve of going back to normal. This shows clearly in the national survey conducted by Parent Circle, a parenting platform of the Ramco Group of companies which has interests in various sectors.

According to the survey, 92 per cent of parents across the country were not comfortabl­e with the idea of sending their wards to school immediatel­y after reopening. Eight per cent are willing to send their children back to school and 15 per cent want home-schooling as an option.

In Hyderabad, 53 per cent said they will monitor the situation for a month after schools reopen, whereas 22 per cent want to avoid sending children to school for at least the next six months. Respondent­s in the city pointed out that this was because they don’t trust the schools to provide effective safety measures inside the premises.

Seema Agarwal, mother of a 13-year-old daughter told Deccan Chronicle, “Unless we are assured of steps being taken by the schools, no parent would feel safe sending their kids immediatel­y after the lockdown is lifted. We feel scared to even send our kids within our apartment premises to meet with their friends. Sending them away for long hours in such a situation is out of the question.”

Shilpi Gupta, whose children study in Class 4 and Class 8, said schools should not open for the next six months at least, even though she was dissatisfi­ed with the conduct of online classes.

“Kids in lower classes find it amusing to sit in front of the laptop, they don’t do it to study and learn. While teachers are doing all that they can to continue with the syllabus during the lockdown, it is not benefittin­g kids in any way. Instead, schools should provide students of junior school especially, with worksheets and other such provisions. This will reduce screen time for them, and allow parents to get involved in the process also,” she said.

Minu Salooja, associate director, Glendale Academy, Hyderabad, assures parents even after the lockdown is lifted, schools will follow special safety protocols in view of the health emergency. “A child is the school’s responsibi­lity once he/she steps out of the house. We have been planning intensely keeping in mind the suggestion­s of parents as well as the guidelines set by the government, on what to do once we resume operations. While I understand the concerns of every guardian, it should be realised that a child grows mentally and emotionall­y only after being exposed to society.”

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