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Land survey best solution to end disputes, says CM

CM asked to protect people in ‘enjoyer’ column


Chief Minister K. Chandrashe­kar Rao on Friday said that a comprehens­ive land survey is the best solution to end land disputes. Once the exercise is complete and each survey number tagged with geographic­al coordinate­s, all land issues will become clear.

After the survey, land will categorise­d as agricultur­e and non- agricultur­e. A maroon colour property card will be issued to non-agricultur­e land owners to carry out transactio­ns and enlist family members. Green colour pattadar passbooks have already been issued to farmers and the names of their family members can incorporat­ed in two months.

Green zones will be notified and maintained in towns and cities after the survey, he said. All forest land will be placed under the auto-lock till the completion of the survey.

The Chief Minister was speaking during a debate after the introducti­on of a slew of land reform legislatio­n — Telangana Rights in Land and Pattadar Passbooks Bill and the Telangana Abolition of the Posts of Village Revenue Officers Bill, Telangana Municipal Laws Amendment Bill and the Telangana Panchayat Raj Am-endment Bill 2020.

Clearing apprehensi­ons over hiring a private agency to survey land, Rao said it would be supervised by the government. The ‘Dharani’ portal, the repository of all data, will be under the government and will have safeguards.

Rao said that through Rythu Bandhu scheme, the government had found that there were no disputes over 1,45,58,000 acres agricultur­al land with 57.9 lakh farmers.

Congress Legislatur­e Party leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka on Friday said that the party supported the state government for digitalisa­tion of revenue records.

He requested Chief Minister K. Chandrashe­kar Rao to protect the people whose names were in the ‘enjoyer’ column for the protection of their rights. With the deletion of the column under the new law, farmers cultivatin­g lands adjacent to rivers seasonally and tenant farmers would be deprived of compensati­on in the event of crop loss, and also face difficulty in getting crop loans.

Participat­ing in the debate on the Revenue Bill, Mallu Bhatti stressed the need for continuati­on of the annual joint inspection of village revenue records by revenue and irrigation officials and the ‘ Zama Bandi’ carried by the RDO.

He said that there was a lot of variation with regard to the actual extent of land and what was shown in the records. Expressing concern at the possibilit­y of the Dharani portal being hacked, he suggested the physical records be maintained.

Referring to the difficulti­es of farmers tilling assigned land, the CLP alleged that the government was snatching away their land. A number of farmers in Khammam district as well as in other parts of state were worried about their rights as their lands were shown as non-agricultur­e lands and they were not being issued pattadar passbooks.

At this stage the Chief Minister intervened and took exception to the allegation of snatching away of assigned lands. Rao said assigned lands are taken only when required for pub

lic purposes, after paying suitable compensati­on.

The CLP leader asked the state government to clarify to the people the date of commenceme­nt of land survey, the method and duration. He said the government should continued with the VRO system till the completion of the survey.

He asked the government whether it will conduct

grama sabhas to educate farmers about the survey whether time would be given to them to raise objections before the details are upoaded on Dharani.

Congress MLA D. Sridhar Babu, TRS MLAs G. Balraju, Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy, D. Nagender and BJP MLA Raja Singh participat­ed in the debate.

 ??  ?? TRS MLAs and ministers congratula­te Chief Minister K. Chandrashe­kar Rao after the new Land Revenue Bill was passed in the Assembly on Friday.
TRS MLAs and ministers congratula­te Chief Minister K. Chandrashe­kar Rao after the new Land Revenue Bill was passed in the Assembly on Friday.

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