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State vax stocks to last only for 1 day


Telangana is fast running out of Covid-19 vaccines, with officials saying on Friday that the current stock will be enough just for another day. If the Centre does not send additional supplies immediatel­y, the state may have to shut down many of its 1,000+ vaccinatio­n centres starting Sunday.

The Centre sent 4.6 lakh doses of the vaccine a few days ago but the state is using up to 1.5 lakh doses a day to provide the first and second dose to people and the reserves have all but run out.

Several private vaccinatio­n centres on Friday sent back people who went to get their first dose shots saying what little they had was being used for those coming in for their scheduled second dose shots.

Meanwhile, nearly 1.5 lakh people over the age of 45 lined up in the state on Thursday to get their first shot of Covid19 vaccine, indicating an increasing urgency among people to protect themselves from the disease.

According to informatio­n released by the state health department,

1,54,568 people got their first dose of the vaccine on Thursday, while another 13,631 also got their second shot.

Among those who got their first dose of the vaccine were 1,45,112 in the age group of 45 years and above, while the rest were healthcare and frontline workers.

The rush for vaccinatio­ns has resulted in some private vaccinatio­n facilities shutting down the first dose delivery operations

Thursday’s figures are the highest single day first shot numbers in the state for the Covid-19 vaccinatio­n drive. So far, a total of 22,90,562 people got their first dose, and 3,36,009 completed their vaccinatio­n cycle by getting their second dose too.

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