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The most common life-saving procedure to remove a block in the heart is through balloon angioplast­y, stenting or other percutaneo­us coronary interventi­ons (PCI) that widens the narrowed blood vessels.

The time that it takes for a patient suffering a heart attack to receive balloon angioplast­y or any other treatment from the moment they walk through the hospital doors is known as ‘door-to-balloon time’.

Apollo Hospitals has succeeded in reducing the ‘doorto-balloon’ time to less than 60 minutes as against the internatio­nally recommende­d timeframe of 90 minutes by the American College of Cardiology, saving many lives in the process.

This achievemen­t is even more praisewort­hy amidst the pandemic situation considerin­g the challenges of Covid-19 precaution­s that need to be taken with every patient who comes to the hospital.

The measures instituted by Apollo Hospitals to achieve this landmark success included ensuring round the clock availabili­ty of qualified and well-trained emergency medicine doctors along with an expert cardiology team and nursing and paramedica­l staff. Round-the-clock Cath lab facilities ensured no delay in percutaneo­us coronary interventi­on (PCI) procedure for balloon angioplast­y, the hospital has said.

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