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AP Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has sought

60 lakh doses of Covid-19 vaccine for Andhra Pradesh to administer vaccine to meet the first-dose requiremen­ts of the listed age-groups. The Chief Minister wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, highlighti­ng the successful conduct of the Tika Utsav in AP, as advised by the PM at the national level, under which 62,8961 persons were vaccinated in the state a single day on April 14.

Explaining the Coronaviru­s situation in the state, the CM expressed his thanks to the PM for the supply of 6.4 lakh doses of vaccine to AP in response to his earlier letter. Jagan said, “In accordance with your call for ‘Tika Utsav’, we have taken up vaccinatio­n on a large scale. I am happy to bring to your kind notice that we have vaccinated 6, 28,961 persons on a single day on

14th April 2021 during Tika Utsav. This is the highest single-day Covid vaccinatio­n numbers by any state in the country.”

Stating that volunteers played an important role in making the vaccinatio­n drive a success, the Chief Minister said, “We could achieve this as we have leveraged the village and ward volunteer system which is a unique de-centralise­d governance mechanism wherein a dedicated volunteer takes care of the needs of 50 families. These volunteers have been roped in to mobilize eligible persons for the vaccinatio­n.”

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