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Hansika to headline an experiment­al film

The actress will play the lead in 105 minutes


For the first time, a Telugu film is being made with only one character, taken in a single shot with no edits. Directed by Raja Dussa, the film starring Hansika Motwani is a psychologi­cal thriller titled 105 Minutes.

“Interestin­gly, the film’s run time is also 105 minutes,” says Raja, adding that the content will be in real time. “There’s no editing because it is shot in a single take. The film is about a girl’s struggle in a house.”

Explaining that he had zeroed in on Hansika for the role because of her innocent looks, Raja adds that since she is a performer, she will perfectly fit the bill.

Raja reveals that when he and the producer Bommak Shiva went to Mumbai and narrated the script, “Hansika and her mother both were excited. The actress has already started preparing for the role. If all goes well, we we are planning to take the film on the floors on May 3.” Sharing that he chose an experiment­al film as his debut to get noticed, Raja says, “In this clutter, the only way I can get recognised is by coming up with an out-ofthe-box plot like 105 Minutes. I am confident that the film will strike a chord at the box office.” The director further adds that the gripping screenplay and narrative will make for an edge-of-the-seat thriller. “Writing is the key for films belonging to thriller genre, and I am sure the film will engage the audience,” the director says, signing off.

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