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H yderabad Race Club is coming up with a super fancy new club which will be the ultimate club membership to have. Fortunatel­y, all the existing members of HRC will be members of this club too but for those who are not, it will be a herculan task getting one.

Another sought after club is the Hyderabad Golf Club. Till a few years ago membership fee was just a couple of lakhs. Now it’s `30 lakh and still not easy to get!

Talking of clubs, we hear the Jubliee Hills Club, though not as elite as other posh clubs, is the hub for many business/land deals that take place. And the comittee members do weild a lot of clout.

Maniza Patny hosted a birthday party for hubby Vishal’s 44th this week at their swanky new villa in Banjara Hills. One of the first society parties after the lifting of the lockdown, the do was an intimate affair. Those spotted in attendance included Najaf-Iffat Khan, Farhad-Tanya Viccajee, Shweta-Akash Sethia, SagarEkta Jethwani along with the Pestonjee siblings and their families. Guests gossiped about Covid, lockdown and those who had not made it to the small invitees list!

The White Crow store in Banjara Hills seems to have become the favorite destinatio­n for luxury spenders in the city who don’t have access to their usual foreign shopping trips. Even more popular now is the Starbucks that has opened above the joint where people are nowadays meeting and chilling, post indulging in some pricey retail therapy downstairs.

Who is being talked about for her baking skills? Jasmine Pestonjee, who has been sending out some delicious Mango cheesecake­s to all her friends in the city.

What did


Xavier send few friends? Delicious mango pickle.

Where were the 3 sisters —

Jasmine, Ambha and

Deepika — bonding lately? In Conoor, celebratin­g their dad’s 80th bday.

One family from Banjara Hills prides itself on how their 6, eligible, gorgeous looking daughters, are permanent members of all the city clubs, and by de facto their spouses too can be made members!

Esa Mohammed, the politicall­y connected owner of Kashish is on Cloud 9. His business is apparently booming and the man has been spending a lot of time in Dubai, scouting for places to open a store.

He’s been warned by close friends to stay away from 2 shady conmen in the city, who have duped several in the city and are now absconding.

When did Cherry and Siddharth Jain host a wineand-dine evening for four of their closest friends? Last week, where they served some outstandin­g food and stellar wine apparently.

Why are politicos buying a ridiculous­ly priced, `25 lakh rupee treadmill all of a sudden? Not to start exercising but because a top leader has purchased two of them for himself and family, they want to copy him!

 ??  ?? Maniza and Vishal Patny
Maniza and Vishal Patny
 ??  ?? Cherry and Siddharth Jain
Cherry and Siddharth Jain
 ??  ?? Jasmine Sahney, Ambha and Deepika
Jasmine Sahney, Ambha and Deepika
 ??  ?? The `25 lakh treadmill
The `25 lakh treadmill
 ??  ?? Esa Mohammed (l) with Mehmood Ali
Esa Mohammed (l) with Mehmood Ali
 ??  ?? Jasmine Pestonjee
Jasmine Pestonjee

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