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Stray dog menace haunts Cantt. residents


THE STRAY animals, especially the dogs are a constant threat during peak hours on even busy roads.

Residents of Secunderab­ad cantonment are an annoyed lot as they have to bear ‘stray dog nuisance’, especially the continuous barking every evening. Often obstructin­g vehicular movement in subarteria­l roads, the stray animals are a constant threat during peak hours on even busy roads.

“In what is a clear case of lethargy, Cantonment authoritie­s are moving slowly in sterilisin­g dogs and it has been over six

months since any dogcatchin­g team visited our area,” said Ramesh

Kumar, a resident of a weaker section colony in Trimulgher­ry and who runs a laundry. Sterilisat­ion drives should be taken up at regular intervals, he added.

Dr Atul Pranay, a veterinary doctor attached to Secunderab­ad cantonment board (SCB), said that catching of dogs in the area is rather haphazard. “As we do not have profession­al dog catchers, we are able to sterilise an average of just five to ten dogs per day and around 200 every month,” he said.

Pushpendra Kumar Gupta, an SCB sanitary inspector, said that the sterilisat­ion process is being carried out with the support of nine NGOs.

In areas like Manovikas Nagar and SBI colony, morning and evening walkers are compelled to shy away from certain stretches in order to avoid the dog menace. Women and children are particular­ly worried when they come out.

Residents of Sai Baba colony in Seetharam Puram, Royal Enclave and Mahatma Nagar in Bowenpally complain that in the absence of regular sterilisat­ion there has been a steady rise of stray dogs in the surroundin­gs.

“Packs of dogs are gathering on the streets during nights and spreading fear with their barking. We are all spending sleepless nights,” complained Vanisri, a homemaker.

 ?? ?? Packs of dogs roaming freely on the streets.—DC
Packs of dogs roaming freely on the streets.—DC

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