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Ride High on these fresh title waves

Here’s a new set of books that you can sink into this month, the choice ranges from historical fiction to lush romance, moving memoirs to murder mystery, fantasy, and more…

- UNBROKEN AUTHOR: Indrani Mukerjea PUBLISHER: Harpercoll­ins India

You have read about the gory details of the Sheena Bora murder case in the media. Media baron Indrani Mukerjea, who became a household name after the cops called her as the “main accused” in the filicide case, has come out with a telling memoir, Unbroken: The Untold Story. From her childhood days in Guwahati to her dizzying rise as a media baroness in Mumbai, this memoir has it all. Including the 2,460 days she spent inside Byculla jail as Qaidi No 1468. A failed marriage, a mighty business empire, soured relationsh­ips, power struggles, and 24x7 media glare with baseless allegation­s and sweeping judgments made by some socialites, columnists, and TV anchors appear in Unbroken. Indrani has given each one of them a fitting reply via her memoir. For the first time ever, Indrani has shared her life’s tumultuous journey in her own words. In the book, the author cum the ‘main murder accused’ has peeled away layers of sensationa­lism and tried to reveal the truth from her point of view and her experience­s.

It is not easy crown and glory alty. In this nove best-selling au Holden gives the into Princess Di life. The entire w awe the fairyta Princess Diana Charles at the St P in 1981. And th skipped a heartb images of her m tragic death in 1 torical fiction, H the adolescent y Born to Viscoun heir to the Spe Diana was alway ward. She struggled at school amid her divorce. Her only solace was romantic novel prince rescuing a damsel in distress. On the royal household was worried about Prince C 30 and still not finding a suitable bride. Din perfect match, but Charles was in no hurr lock. It is a melancholy tale that takes y princely palaces to reveal royal drama.

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 ?? ?? THE PRINCESS AUTHOR: Wendy Holden PUBLISHER: Berkley

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