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HISTORY’S ANGEL AUTHOR: Anjum Hasan PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury Publishing


In this dark and astutely written book, writer-cumpoet Anjum Hasan delicately touches on the history and the life of Muslims in India. It is a novel where the past, present, and future tickle and surprise you in every nook and corner of Delhi, where the main protagonis­t Alif is a polite middle-aged history teacher. His wife wants a bigger house and car. His teenage son wants to quit school and become rich. Some of his colleagues are a bit condescend­ing and suspicious of him (a Muslim) teaching India’s history. Alif is passionate about history and teaches the subject brilliantl­y. But all hell breaks loose one day when he squeezes the ear of a student on a field trip.

Alif’s life spirals down into chaos. During the same time, Delhi gets enveloped in a pall of gloom and shadow of violence. A timely book in these rough times. fresh romantic fantasy about forbidden love, special powers, curses, and young characters appears and disappears in bestsellin­g author Rachel Griffin’s latest novel, Bring Me Your Midnight.

The day she was born, Tana Fairchild’s fate was sealed. She is to marry Landon, the governor’s son to secure an alliance between the witches of her island and the mainlander­s. Tana’s clique releases most of their magic into the ocean during the full moon. However, Tana misses the midnight ritual and turns to Wolfe for help. He is from a coven that practices dark magic. He teaches Tanya forbidden magic and does not let her dump her power into the sea. Suddenly Tanya feels very powerful but her coven starts losing power. She is torn between her moral duty and her love and fatal attraction towards Wolfe. If she marries Landon, there is a chance of peace, but then she will lose Wolfe and his wild magic forever.

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 ?? ?? BRING ME YOUR MIDNIGHT AUTHOR: Rachel Griffin PUBLISHER: Sourcebook­s Fire

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