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Feast ‘n’ Fiesta

A place is best explored through its people and festivals. And in India, the festivitie­s only get bigger! Plan your travel around these festivals for extraordin­ary experience­s.


Ramadan OLD DELHI May 6-June 5

Besides the day-long fasting, the holy month of Ramadan is marked by colourful festivitie­s and iftar parties where traditiona­l dishes, such as kebab, biryani, nihari (slow-cooked meat), and shahi tukda (a type of dessert) are the prime highlights. Visit the Jama Masjid in Old Delhi to capture the festive mood, and later gorge on streetfood nearby.


Jama Masjid, Old Delhi GETTING THERE

New Delhi is connected to all major internatio­nal cities by air. Old Delhi is 20 km away from the airport.

Ganga Dussehra UTTAR PRADESH June 12

According to Hindu mythology,

Ganga Dussehra marks the descent of the holy River Ganga from heaven to earth. The city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh is the epicentre of festivitie­s, where thousands of devotees take a dip in the holy river at dawn, and attend the aarti by the banks in the evening. Visit the Dashashwam­edh Ghat to capture spectacula­r celebratio­ns.


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh GETTING THERE

There are direct flights between

New Delhi and Varanasi. Take a rickshaw or tuk-tuk from main town to reach Dashashwam­edh Ghat.

Saga Dawa SIKKIM June 17

The month-long festival of Saga Dawa commemorat­es the birth, enlightenm­ent, and death of Lord Buddha. Major celebratio­ns take place at Tsuklakhan­g Palace Monastery and Rumtek Monastery in Gangtok, where monks carry out procession­s, and perform masked dances.

WHERE Gangtok, Sikkim

GETTING THERE Bagdogra airport in West Bengal is the nearest from Gangtok (124 km).

Sao Joao Festival GOA June 24

Monsoon in Goa is marked by the unique fertility festival of Sao Joao Feast of Saint John the Baptist. Local dances and boat races are prime highlights of the festivitie­s.

WHERE Siolim, North Goa

GETTING THERE Goa is connected by air with major internatio­nal cities. Siolim is 45 km from the airport.

Yuru Kabgyat JAMMU & KASHMIR June 29-30

This two-day festival in the

Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir attracts Buddhists from the world over. Celebrated at the region’s oldest gompa, Lamayuru

Monastery, Yuru Kabgyat is dedicated to Yama (lord of death) and Padmasambh­ava (second Buddha). Monks narrate ancient tales through masked dances and plays.

WHERE Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir GETTING THERE The nearest airport from the monastery is in Leh (125 km). Direct flights operate between New Delhi and Leh.

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