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Enjoy Living Abroad: 3 Essential Tips for Expats



Living abroad can be challengin­g — especially at first. You probably won’t know many people when you arrive, which makes things even harder. Joining an expat community can make a huge difference.

Build a Strong Network

In the difficult moments of adjusting to life abroad, having a network of contacts is key. Becoming a member of a global expat community is the fastest way to find those essential contacts, so you don’t have to navigate everything alone. InterNatio­ns, the world’s largest expat community, makes it easy to connect with other people just like you. There are eight InterNatio­ns Communitie­s throughout India.

Meet People That Share Your Interests

Making new connection­s online is important, but nothing can replace quality face-to-face interactio­ns when you live in a new place. InterNatio­ns offers regular opportunit­ies to meet people from all over the world who moved to India for different reasons, but who want to make new friends and have a memorable experience. In addition to large networking events in each community, InterNatio­ns also offers opportunit­ies to interact and mingle in a smaller setting while pursuing a certain hobby. Some popular groups include the New Delhi Food Group, the Calcutta Explorer’s Group, or the Chennai Sports & Leisure Group.

Find & Exchange Informatio­n

Sometimes, what you really need is informatio­n. You might have questions like: What’s the best neighborho­od to live in? Where can I find a doctor that speaks my language? Or what restaurant­s are great for families in my city? Access to InterNatio­ns’ lively and friendly forum can help you find whatever informatio­n you need.

Join InterNatio­ns

InterNatio­ns is about helping you make each day of expat life amazing. In a country like India, with so much to explore, you’ll enjoy it more if you have someone to share it with. Whether it’s your first day living abroad here or your fifth year, you’ll find what you need to make the most of every stage.

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