‘Gnos­tic­play­ers’ Iden­ti­fied As One Of The Largest Data Breaches In His­tory

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Pakistan hacker go­ing by the name Gnos­tic­play­ers, has said to have pub­lished the de­tails of the stolen user ac­counts en­crypted from a ton of web­sites in a dark web mar­ket­place. A hacker named Gnos­tic­play­ers, who pre­vi­ously claimed to have sold mas­sive chunks of data in the dark web in three rounds, is now back with a new set of data­bases breached from a to­tal of six web­sites. The hacker, who was sell­ing the de­tails of 890 mil­lions of user ac­counts breached from 32 pop­u­lar web­sites in mul­ti­ple rounds, has also claimed to put up the newly stolen data up for sale in the dark web. Re­port­edly from Pakistan, the hacker has claimed to have pub­lished the de­tails of the stolen user ac­counts en­crypted from a ton of web­sites in a dark web mar­ket­place, known as Dream Mar­ket.

In the fourth round, the hacker has claimed to have stolen eight more data­bases con­tain­ing per­sonal data of about 92 mil­lion users. How­ever, the most pop­u­lar name which has come up in to­day’s data breach is GfyCat, the fa­mous GIF host­ing,and shar­ing plat­form. The val­ues of all the eight data­bases are worth 2.6249 bit­coin, which amounts to about $9400.

In a re­cent in­ter­view, Gnos­tic­play­ers took all the credit of the re­cent data breaches and de­nied to be­ing just an in­ter­me­di­ary. Ac­cord­ing to the hacker, his in­ten­tion is to sell over one bil­lion user records and then dis­ap­pear with the money be­fore the cops can catch him and put him be­hind bars. He was found to have quoted, ‘My two main goals are- money and down­fall of Amer­i­can pigs’.

None of the com­pa­nies listed in the re­cent data breached had ex­pe­ri­enced such an event in the past. None of the com­pa­nies were even im­pacted by the ac­tions of Gnos­tic­play­ers be­fore the at­tack. After the third data breach, the hacker made a ran­som to the au­thor­i­ties and they could not ful­fill it, so he com­mit­ted the of­fense of steal­ing data again. Even after the third hack­ing, it wasn’t clear whether the hacker would go on with his expedition of steal­ing com­pany records and then sell­ing it on the dark web. Among the records stolen, the data of a stu­dent job site, an e-com­merce gi­ant, two sched­ul­ing apps and game de­vel­op­ment plat­form can be found. The game de­vel­op­ment plat­form is per­haps the GameSalad from which Gnos­tic­ply­ers has pulled out records worth 1.5 mil­lion which in­cludes IP ad­dresses, email, pass­words, and user­names.

Es­tante Vir­tual, a Brazil­ian book­shop also made its way to the list of the hacker. He has stolen about 5.45 mil­lion user records from the com­pany, which he is sell­ing for about 0.2618 bit­coin on the dark web. Among this data, one can find email, pass­words, names and phone num­bers.

The third com­pany to fea­ture on the list is Coubic, a sched­ul­ing soft­ware provider and from it, about 1.5 mil­lion data was be­ing pulled out by the hacker. Coubic said they were in­ves­ti­gat­ing the mat­ter and it was too early to com­ment on any­thing.

While the four at­tacks by gnos­tic­play­ers seem to be sim­i­lar, the last one dif­fers from the rest. The data put for sale in the last round were ob­tained dur­ing the last month’s hacks.

The hacker said none of the com­pa­nies had stronger en­cryp­tion al­go­rithms and thus he suc­ceeded in his mis­sion.

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