How Can You Stay Ahead Of Hack­ers?

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To stay ahead of hack­ers, a lot of peo­ple have ac­tu­ally started look­ing at their craft just like their neme­sis. If you can’t beat them, at least start think­ing like them – so goes the adage. And in case of hack­ing, this is re­ally not too far from the truth. To be able to stay one step ahead of hack­ers, a lot of peo­ple have ac­tu­ally started look­ing at their craft just like their neme­sis. They are get­ting into the mind space of the hacker and crawl­ing around to get nuggets that had ear­lier es­caped them.

Stud­ies have re­vealed shock­ing num­bers with costs con­nected to cy­ber­crime reach­ing al­most $6 tril­lion per year. And the an­nual ex­pen­di­ture is said to be to the tune of $1 tril­lion by 2021.

To­day, hack­ers revel in not just beat­ing the best brains in the tech space but also mak­ing oo­dles of money. A lot of times, hack­ers ac­tu­ally win hands down but if we can man­age to nip it in the bud or iden­tify the rea­sons how and why it is done, we could eas­ily prevent the risks or slow it down to a tremen­dous de­gree.

While crim­i­nal hack­ers are set to take ad­van­tage of the nu­mer­ous se­cu­rity flaws; ethical hack­ers have set the ball rolling to rec­tify them.

Se­cu­rity Mat­ters

Each and ev­ery as­pect of the busi­ness has to be set up se­curely. Putting into place se­cu­rity con­trols are of­ten ex­tremely te­dious tasks and busi­nesses have to wait for re­ally long to start op­er­a­tions but the end re­sult is some­thing of con­se­quence so it is the easiest and the safest to base ev­ery facet of an or­ga­ni­za­tion with se­cu­rity as the main point.

Strength­en­ing The Ex­ist­ing En­ter­prise

When look­ing at se­cur­ing ac­cess to your apps and data, there needs to be a con­sid­er­a­tion of all the places th­ese apps and data live in – this could in­clude the cloud, on-premises, big data as well as mo­bile apps. VPNs and iden­tity are also facets that need to be catered to apart from third party ven­dors, partners and app ad­min­is­tra­tors.

Get­ting The Work­flows Right

Em­ploy­ees have to be made aware of se­cu­rity mea­sures so that it in­her­ently be­comes a part of the cycli­cal work­flow. Method­olo­gies need to be ad­justed and op­er­a­tions should be con­nected with de­vel­op­ment. Op­er­a­tion work­flows also need to be con­sid­ered to be able to har­ness tight se­cu­rity.

En­crypt Ev­ery­thing

This is al­most a no-brainer. Best prac­tices need to be fol­lowed where en­cryp­tion is con­cerned. En­sure that note­books/lap­tops, all of the other ma­chin­ery have en­cryp­tion turned on. Use the fea­ture to re­motely wipe in­for­ma­tion if avail­able with your ven­dor.

Use An Iden­tity Plat­form

You could se­cure ac­cess if you em­ploy sin­gle sign-on (SSO) or also Iden­tity as a Ser­vice (IDaaS). But an iden­tity plat­form al­lows you to use an in­te­grated set of tools while at the same time let­ting you achieve a high level of the se­cu­rity with­out the both­er­a­tion of deal­ing with end­less ven­dors.

Work On A Con­ti­nu­ity Plan

A con­ti­nu­ity plan needs to be thought through in the case of se­cu­rity re­sponses. And this is not a con­cern that can be pro­cras­ti­nated. It has to be done on war foot­ing and aware­ness of tools as well as threats needs to be es­tab­lished and also car­ried for­ward. Risks need to be com­pletely catered to as also the prepa­ra­tion to re­spond to them.

Don’t Let Hack­ers Win – Unite Against Them

Or­ga­ni­za­tions can join hands and spread enough aware­ness about best se­cu­rity prac­tices as also unit­ing against the hack­ers. If ev­ery­one is in the know of the lat­est threats as well as method­olo­gies to prevent them, hack­ers won’t have it easy to break into sys­tems and dis­rupt nor­malcy.

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