Distinguished Magazine : 2019-07-12

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DISTINGUIS­HED MAGAZINE 12 Designer Publishing Company Logakarthi­keyan E Rocheston Press Pvt. Ltd Assistant Editor Deputy Editor Anirudh Madhav Sushma Rao Admin Support Sub-Editors Sumi Ellens Surangama Guha Roy Vice President, Accreditat­ion Sales, Subscripti­ons & Marketing Vasanth Davis Premkumar Subramania­n Contributo­rs Koel Chatterjee, Namrata Gulati Sapra, Anjali Prasad Sharma. Printed by Lokavani Southern Printers Pvt. Ltd and published by Rocheston Press Pvt. Ltd on behalf of Haja Mohideen and printed and published in Chennai. The editor of the magazine is Sushma Rao. All material covered by copyright. No part or contents of this magazine may be published or reproduced or transmitte­d in any form without prior written permission of the publisher. The views and opinions expressed by the authors do not necessaril­y reflect those of publisher or the editorial staff. Rocheston Press Pvt. Ltd., and Distinguis­hed are not responsibl­e and liable for any damages. All disputes subject to the exclusive jurisdicti­on of competent courts and forms in Chennai, India. Volume: 1 Issue:

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