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AFTER We 04 DAILY NEWS & ANALYSIS MUMBAI MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 I Faking a romance? RELATIONSHIP QUERIES FAUX LOVE TURNED TRUE LOVE HAS BEEN A FAVE PLOT PLOY IN ROMCOMS AND NOVELS, BUT HERE’S WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE USING IT IN REAL LIFE Pretty Woman To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before My Best Friend’s Wedding PROS AND CONS TO CONSIDER Melissa D’costa D’silva limit. Apart from fielding questions from nosy relatives, friends and neighbours, there’s the added pressure to always look like you are having a good time. If you are caught looking sad that only invites more queries. Faced with the possibility of fielding these volley of questions, many singles ask a friend to pose as a boyfriend/girlfriend for a day or two. However, faking a romance comes with its own people fake a romance for different reasons. It sometimes turns into true love but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, one person ends up falling in love with the other, and the latter does not reciprocate those feelings leading to a lot of conflict and emotional trauma. They do say fake it till you make it, but factor in, that things could go both ways and in some cases spiral out of control.” take inspiration and fake a romance, here’s what you should consider. set of complications. P NOT ALL FAUX LOVE STORIES WORK OUT opular romcoms including To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Proposal, Pretty Woman My Best Friend’s Wedding Before you choose to fake it, psychiatrist Dr Hemant Mittal advises you to be prepared. He adds, “Love is the greatest emotion and many want to experience it, sometimes going to any extent, even agreeing to fake it. And while there are many fake love stories that became true love stories because somewhere down the line the pair fell in love, that’s not how all pretend love stories end up.” Apart from dealing with the emotional fallout, one also has to deal with friends, relatives or colleagues who may be upset with the lies, creating trust issues in your relationships.” A fake romance can only work if both are on the same page and know that things are make believe. But if you really want to experience love, don’t fake it, keep it honest! always! HOPELESSLY FAKING IT FOR V-DAY If one has to fake a romance, do so understanding the potential fallout and emotional upheaval it can cause. It can create trust issues that you will have to iron out because you chose to be less than truthful about your non-existent dating life. Clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany says, “Many and had one thing in common — a plot point about faux love and a couple faking romance for different reasons. And while most of them saw the lead pair actually falling in love after a point, was an exception to that, with Julia Roberts actually giving away her best friend to the love of his life — Cameron Diaz. Faking a romance has been a popular plot ploy in pop culture for ages. It creates suspense and injects tension in what would otherwise be just another boy-meets-girl story. And while all is resolved in the end with a happily-ever-after, that’s not always the case in reality. Life imitating art can have some real consequences, so if you are planning to The month of love tends to rattle many singles who are constantly quizzed about their unattached relationship status as Valentine’s Day approaches. This especially applies to those who are considered to be past the marriageable age Don’t let your love blind you to her faults I fell in love with a girl in my office. We had the most amazing nine months. I proposed marriage and all seemed well. Then I got to know she has another affair. She is physically active with him too. And her chats with him, pointed at using me for financial and professional gains. I’m ready to forgive her and marry her. What should I do? My Best Friend’s Wedding DR HEMANT MITTAL Psychiatrist, helps you with your relationship matters ahead in life. Forgiving and accepting her is just a mental illusion your love is making. She might never change and you’ll regret it later. A Walk In The Clouds The Proposal You are being taken for a ride. Yours is one-sided love. It will hurt, but it’s time to leave her and move VALENTINE’S WEEK TRIVIA Thinkstock V HEAD FOR A BRUNCH alentine week 2019 has kicked of, giving lovebirds a reason to celebrate all through the week, before Valentine’s Day arrives. Here’s what you should know about these special days. Hug Day (February 12): They say a warm hug can drive all those blues away, giving you the warmth you need, taking away the stress and making you feel loved. And Hug Day is that day, so go ahead and let the love of your life feel the love with a simple, tight hug that’s both comforting and soothing. It’s a simple gesture that can work wonders and express so much where words fall shot. SPA TIME OUT BURN THE DANCE FLOOR PLAN A PIZZA PARTY If lunch/brunch is out, plan dinner and dancing. No matter what the activity, the Galentine’s Day falls Pick a friend’s flat and plan a night in with your favourite on February 13 Promise Day (February 11): In the build-up to Valentine’s Day, couples would have exchanged roses on Rose Day, proposed on Propose Day, gifted chocolates on Chocolate Day and teddies on Teddy Day. And today, they can take one step forward and make a special promise on Promise Day. It could be something small, it’s about building trust in a relationship by keeping the promises made. Entertainment HEARD THIS? WHEN LOVE COMES WITH AN EXPIRY DATE... Kiss Day(february 13): This day celebrates the kiss a romantic gesture that says I love, care and cherish you. So, go ahead and pucker up, exchange a kiss on the lips or some pecks on the cheek. It’s about celebrating love all this week. Celebrate the week of love with a promise, hugs and kisses CELEBRATE SINGLEDOM I f you are single on Valentine’s Day, don’t fret, let the Valentine fever die down. Wait for February 15 also known as Singles Awareness Day. It’s also referred to as Anti-valentine’s Day. but rather a chance to announce to the world that you are single and happy to be so. While it’s generally celebrated on February 15, some people choose to celebrate it as Antivalentine’s Day on February 14. The exact details about how this day came to be celebrated as such are a bit sketchy, but one thing that seems to be clear is that it dates back to 2005. While some people choose to splurge on themselves on this day, some use the opportunity for self-analysis, spending quality time indulging in their favourite hobby, prioritising ‘me time’ ABOUT SINGLES AWARENESS DAY It’s Valentine’s Day antidote for singles who want to celebrate their singledom exchanging gifts and having fun. It was started by singles who felt left out on Valentine’s Day, and wanted to give singles all over an opportunity to unwind and have a good time. Contrary to perception, Singles Awareness Day is not about selfpity Your insomnia may have something to do with stress If you are in a terminal relationship, be prepared to miss the person T erminal relationships essentially cover romances that come with an expiry date because one or both partners want to move to another city/country for further education or a job, and yet the couple decides to give it a go. Here’s what you need to consider before getting into one. BE PREPARED TO BE HURT When you entered into this relationship, you knew it would end at some point. So focus on the happy times, and don’t hold on to any regrets. It’s going to hurt, so give yourself time to heal. IF YOU ARE MISERABLE, QUIT Don’t stay in a relationship because you know it’s going to end. It’s better to get out if it’s not working out. COMMUNICATE Feburary 15 is marked as Single Awareness Day If you are open about how you feel chances are you will enjoy your time together.

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