DNA (Daily News & Analysis) Mumbai Edition : 2019-06-12

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12 Wednseday June 2019 MUMBAI www.dnaindia.com NIFTY FTSE 100 NIKKEI 225 SENSEX 11965.60 42.90 7375.54 43.60 21204.28 69.86 39950.46 165.94 S S S S GOLD SILVER BRENT CRUDE 10 gram 32354.00 169.00T kg 36450.00 235.00 $/barrel 63.30 0.93 T T 69.45 0.20 EURO 78.59 0.16 BRITISH POUND 88.19 0.09T UAE DIRHAM 18.91 0.04T US $ T T NEWS IN NUMBERS 13% — Employers across the country indicate upbeat hiring plans for the next three months, according to Manpower MONEYEDIT Indian pharma faces pricing troubles in US I t isn’t a great time for the pharma sector. While the March quarter has been a mixed bag in terms of earnings for Indian pharma companies, the recent antitrust lawsuit, filed by 44 American states, against pharma companies for fixing prices of generic drugs, including seven Indian drug makers, leaving a bitter taste. According to data available, the domestic pharma market grew at an average of 11.2% from July 2018 to March 2019. On the other hand, the global pharma market has witnessed easing of the pricing pressure, giving some relief to the pharma companies operating in the generic pharma market in the US. Due to the pricing pressure, some of the Indian companies have migrated to specialty and difficult-tomanufact­ure products for the US market. In the emerging market, Indian pharmaceut­ical companies have suffered due to currency fluctuatio­ns and lower purchasing power. Hence, the generic manufactur­ers suffer from pricing pressure, regulatory challenges, entry of new players, currency fluctuatio­ns and lower purchasing power. Indian pharma companies cater to about 40% of the US generic demand in terms of volume and are likely to benefit from the strong growth of generics and biosimilar­s in the US market. Domestic sales In ’000 nos May '18 May '19 YOY % chg (RHS) 0 2000 Source: SIAM -5 1600 -10 1200 Zig-zag route -15 800 India's passenger vehicle sales have fallen for the past seven months 40% -20 400 30 Change in sales from year ago 20 -25 0 10 0 -10 Source: SIAM -20 -30 Jan'18 Mar May Jul Sep Nov Jan'19 Mar May MARKETS COMPANIES Royal Orchid to add 500 hotel rooms P3 PERSONAL FIN Add green edge to your portfolio P4 „ Share price on BSE in ` 735 660 585 560.45 510 435 475.55 Jun 11, 19360 Apr 2, 18 WISHLIST Ficci said that the highest tax rate of 30% should be applicable only for income above Rs 20 lakh

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