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The game is played on an ice rink mea­sur­ing roughly 61m in length by 30m in width.

Each player will have his/her own hockey stick along with ice skates and a se­ries of pad­ding which may in­clude face mask, hel­met, padded shorts, shoul­der pads, arm guards and gloves.

Each team can have a max­i­mum of 20 play­ers. Of th­ese 20 play­ers only 6 can be on the rink at any one time in­clud­ing the goal ten­der that guards the goal. The play­ers hit what is called a ‘puck’. The puck is heavy ob­ject made from dense rub­ber and weighs roughly 6 ounces. The puck is hit by ei­ther a play­ers stick or foot but at no point can the puck be han­dled by any player other than the goal ten­der.

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Each game lasts for three 20-minute pe­ri­ods, with the ob­jec­tive be­ing to score more goals than the op­po­nent.

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