DNA Sunday (Mumbai) : 2019-02-10

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10 SNAP POLL Sunday February 2019 YESTERDAY’S POLL RESULT: Do you think the use of tobacco has reduced? 37 52% 11% % Q. Should Twitter respond more responsibly to growing concerns over citizens’ data privacy? `4.00 y MUMBAI www.dnaindia.com epaper.dnaindia.com twitter.com/dna facebook.com/dnaindia Pages 22 Yes No Can’t say Yes No Can’t say Go to our Twitter handle @dna, look for #DNAPoll and vote. 15°C 29°C - AQI 262 R.N.I. NO. : MAHENG/2005/15154 DAY HAPPY relationships MONDAY THE IN IT FOR HAUL LONG entertainment BEFORE JUST does What to it take a sustain decade-long relationship? BARS Tosealthedeal THE 10 Kumari Raja rapper art style Indian-origin on her beans the spills SPITTING music Sunday February 2019 SPECIAL BLUES Whatisitaboutaproposalthatmakeseveryonego, speakstosomecouplestofindout ‘awww’? Sugaray and journey blues Musselwhite Charlie about their tell us Rayford MUMBAI www.dnaindia.com YogeshPawar Deepa Dr with Katyal Lizzie,themonitor lizard More Lorraine Greater with her sulphur-crested cockatooTenzing MalayDesaiandPriyankaShettyinfrontofthechopper,aboardwhichhepoppedthequestion of cold the when Cupid year and of the spring devoted time long, way for But a in t’s that makes arrows. trees winter around firing the busy running have to gets or ever propose not courtship does someone snow awwwinspiring this Alpine watching about the as final it sort of effect is same What (a beloved. passage moist-eyed? man their rite of many the leaves image depending is of on that deal) dominant real hand, different be the ring in it can While knee context on a who down social folks. and different Damania Damania culture for Anish Anjali strokes resident activist back and way Santacruz pathologist friend remembers common collegians met a special first through were still became Day Anjali both while Valentine’s time 1986 the lane in how “Around in the centre we duo. 1992, the diagnostic By so. stirrings for or up her year first a and the had set for lived regularly I lovingly. where chatting him began.” correct being love He’s interrupts chose process of to well. bank I know helped pathology I me He’d up my to set loan which knew to do how we I KirtanlalDesaiwithhisgranddaughter.Valentine’s February it was 14,1943thatheexpressedhislovetohiswife since Kirtanlal for special Day is the Candy with donkey the Woolwool sheep construction under “We small East. at a aunt family Bandra Anish’s in and that groom’s temple tie Ganesh mangalsutra Anish us a made both have and like that didn’t own married.” her And just removed neck. officially my nonagenarian with around were the city, lives 23-year-olds Across who Desai, family Kirtanlal of his feet, generations sq 1,300 a four in Desais kitchen (nine hall Central three-bedroom Taristful Mumbai’s of neighbourhood in home) smile i fish Damsel closer inching on the nibble to fingers diver’s Pic: S u s h a n t J o s hi began Anjali why is “This here. modest for a papers CA, he As a ach and together played re70 who friendship,” dog, stray the best wild, and had year-old. to the ies Deepa Dr with Katyal rescue her two of onkeys,Berry how b „ „ IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ARTH THANE-NAVI MUMBAI „ „

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