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This col­lec­tion con­veys a deep flavour of sed­i­men­tary rock, with a por­ous con­sis­tency, used in an­cient Rome to en­rich mon­u­ments and pri­vate res­i­dences. Re­dis­cov­ered in the fol­low­ing cen­turies, Traver­tine be­came a sym­bol of Baroque ar­chi­tec­tural trea­sures that can still be ad­mired across Rome and other cities in Italy. Ow­ing to the raw ma­te­rial and hav­ing per­fected the most ad­vanced pol­ish­ing tech­niques, Nex­ion de­vised a new deep and trans­par­ent sur­face rein­ter­pret­ing the beauty of Traver­tine vein cut, a tech­nique that has been used since an­cient times to make veins vis­i­ble. nex­ion­tiles.com

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