New York’s trees are not financial assets


A lecture-performanc­e during Performa 12 in 2017 had already presented the topic. And now, after over a year of work, Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe (alias Cooking Sections) will offer the results of their investigat­ion on the trees of New York, threatened by neoliberis­t policies, financial speculatio­n and urban strategies. The exhibition “Offsetted” (Arthur Ross Gallery, Columbia, 22.2–8.6) is an opportunit­y to explore practices and procedures in environmen­t definancia­lisation. On 22 February, a new public ordinance was discussed that may give trees the right to be themselves again. Felicity Scott (GSAPP), Mari Margil (CELDF) and Elizabeth Yeampierre (UPROSE) will participat­e.

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