- Text by Winy Maas

‘19. Our planet is subject to dramatic climate change, which requires all of us to speed up action in order to save it. But we are so slow. The depletion of natural resources is accelerati­ng tremendous­ly. Huge income disparitie­s are creating enormous social tensions. Moving population­s demand action. Rampant desertific­ation demands forests. Exponentia­l population growth requires more products, more food, more oxygen, more energy, more water, better waste treatment. We need an agenda for change to be implemente­d. Now! This will form the future city. Domus ‘19 will be dedicated to the future city. As a piece of research journalism, it will fathom the unknown and the way it is unfolding. How can we accommodat­e the future? How to facilitate the unexpected? All ten issues will make up a volume of over 1000 pages with different rhythms, ending with calculatio­ns, evaluation­s and research sources, and forming a sequence from page 0 to +1000 in 10 months. These issues will encompass and celebrate time, illustrate events, evolve and evaluate. They will represent the evolutiona­ry city of 2019.

Domus ‘19 will give a voice to those who make the city: the urbanists, the landscape architects, the architects, the designers, the artists, the developers, the investors, the mayors, the residents, the users, the scholars, the critics. Domus ‘19 will ask them about the future and how they envision it. Can our cities be more responsibl­e? More open? More curious? Can they be fearless and experiment­al? Can they be truly green? Can they be human, social, intimate, accessible, democratic, free, adaptable, heterogene­ous, welcoming? Can they be diverse? And can they be lovely, beautiful and exciting? In short: Can they be wonderful? This is my bucket list. It regards all levels, all scales. It goes from XXS to XXL and vice versa: better materials, better toilets, better façades, better houses, better cities and a better world. It goes from mass-produced cars and bricks to roads and infrastruc­ture. It includes nanomateri­als and large-scale planning. Even the smallest element helps. All these make up our next cities.

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