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The exhibition “Re-build in the built environmen­t” on show at the Milan Triennale that describes the work of Capoferri Serramenti, has recently drawn to a close. Curator Simona Galateo selected a number of case studies that presented different ways of working on the built environmen­t, moving from the scale of architectu­re to the detail of a door or window frame. The architectu­re was described through a few very specific elements — photograph­s, texts, building plans and technical drawings. Four works of architectu­re were chosen: the Morgan Library by RPBW in New York; the Terrazza Triennale by OBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi; Palazzo Aguissola in Milan, recently renovated by Michele De Lucchi; and the Tempio Capitolino in Brescia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Capoferri Serramenti

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