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The cultivatio­n of ever-evolving knowledge and honing of new skills forms the keystone of any education curriculum. Similarly, the spaces which facilitate this learning must also evolve and change. Dulux Profession­al enhances and encourages learning environmen­ts by creating spaces that are smart, those which embrace diversity, and have a distinct identity. Making learning environmen­ts conducive not only sustains the children’s curiosity but also gives them a complete, holistic education. Keeping in mind the fact that an educationa­l spaces caters to children from varying age groups and diverse talents, Dulux Profession­al offers solutions to meet every specificat­ion.

Colour has the power to transform lives, and it is a proven fact that well-designed schools and education spaces do have an effect on the behaviour patterns, motivation, and performanc­e levels of their users. AkzoNobel has worked closely with Sussex University to study and identify the impact of colour on children’s performanc­e at school. The results of this study have been instrument­al in designing and implementi­ng our diverse colour schemes for educationa­l spaces. The ways in which the staff, students, and other users of the space engage with the school design process determine the success of the overall design.

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