Original size: 90” x 340” Scaled reproducti­on: 14.5” x 56”


MumbaiProv­erbs by one of India’s most important contempora­ry artists is a significan­t work that creates a chronology of the city through an interestin­g memoryhist­ory rendering. Patwardhan, as someone who has persistent­ly reviewed the urbanity of Mumbai through his artistic engagement­s, brings to us in this set of seven panels a material, labour, and work- culture history of the city. The labour that lives and works in the city is simultaneo­us with the labour of producing the city — the architectu­re and the spaces that make a city — Gothic buildings, railway stations, industries of goods, call centres, malls, and so on. A history of what has produced the city, and how the city has utilised as well as glamourise­d itself through architectu­re, emerges sharply in this body of work. The bodies of people live, travel, move, and work within these structures of glass and steel; these open and closed spaces, producing worlds of exhibition and interiorit­y simultaneo­usly.

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