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In the body-centered sculpture of the Renaissanc­e and the Gothic period, abstract and concrete, real and virtual notions of space were already mixing. Today’s depictions of space go far beyond the trompe l’oeil techniques of painting. Computers calculate fantastic urban spaces and landscapes, abstract geometric patterns and objects, which can be controlled interactiv­ely by viewers via technical interfaces (e.g. sensors, cameras). Spatial illusions are rendered experience­able that are far beyond the effects that the Baroque period could produce. Material, physical spaces and immaterial virtual spaces fuse to such an extent that they are almost indistingu­ishable, at least optically. The cover features an image of Infinity Room (2015) by Refik Anadol, with sound design by Refik Anadol and Kerim Karaoglu, from the exhibition Negative Space: Trajectori­es of Sculpture, on display at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany, until 8 August 2019.

[Photo: Michelle Mantel]

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