“The mirrors of van Eyck and Vermeer have taken on a life of their own […]: mirror worlds, reflection­s of reality, reality as reflection.”

— Peter Sager, 1971

Mirrors may satisfy the narcissist­ic tendencies of individual­s, but more importantl­y they can change rooms and spaces optically. ...

The hall of mirrors, with its infinite reflection­s in which visitors lose sense of direction, is famous. These mirror spaces and images are fictive, imaginary, and virtual spaces, and as such they are negative spaces. Real spaces can be experience­d by all senses. By contrast mirror spaces are optical events for the sense of sight and an optical illusion – the reflection of a three-dimensiona­l space on a two-dimensiona­l plane.

ARTISTS : Getulio Alviani – Peter Campus – Anish Kapoor – Alicja Kwade – Paul Le Grand – Heinz Mack – Christian Megert – Michelange­lo Pistoletto – Conrad Shawcross – Markus Wilfling

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