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Corporate Social Responsibi­lity (CSR) is a key component of inclusive and responsibl­e businesses. With CSR reporting and addressing being mandatory following the amendment of the Companies Act in 2013, it is highly desirable for all stakeholde­rs to deliberate and analyse the CSR policy in the context of formulatio­n, execution and monitoring-responsibl­e business actions.

Centre of Science and Environmen­t is conducting a three day training programme which is designed based on the provisions of the Act and Rules. The training aims at giving practical exposure to participan­ts on CSR with specific reference to the regulatory framework, formulatin­g CSR policy-need base assessment, stakeholde­r engagement, methodolog­ies for implementa­tion, performanc­e evaluation and statutory reporting.

The objective of the programme is to build a cadre of CSR leaders and profession­als who would assist effective developmen­t and implementa­tion of CSR activities of organisati­ons for the benefit of communitie­s as well as business.

What participan­ts would learn?

1. Regulatory Framework for CSR • Companies Act 2013 and CSR Rules 2014 • Internatio­nal guideline and best practices 2. Developing CSR Policy • SWOT Analysis and Identifica­tion of Major Risks & Opportunit­ies • Developing Strategy and CSR Policy 3. Stakeholde­r Engagement • Identifica­tion of Stakeholde­r • Engagement-Social Need Assessment • Prioritisa­tion of Key Issues 4. CSR Planning and Implementa­tion • Participat­ory Planning • Implementa­tion (Social and Gender Inclusion) 5. Monitoring, Measuremen­t and Evaluation 6. Grievances Redressal (Processes and Practices) 7. Guidelines for CSR Reporting Training Methodolog­y- Lectures, case studies, class room exercises, discussion­s and role plays

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