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Our debate Measure the scale first (16-31 July, 2016) on whether GDP is a true and accurate measuremen­t of growth has drawn a huge response from readers


Gross domestic product, or GDP, is tool for measuring the economic growth of a country rather than its social and environmen­tal growth. It is also a tool used by politician­s, administra­tors, business magnets and exponents of the neoliberal agenda, such as on its performanc­e and potential.

Although GDP cannot be directly linked to the welfare and wellness of a nation, as the debate suggests, it plays an important role in it. It is the GDP that defines a country's short- and long employment, GDP is behind everything. After all, a country cannot just go on with lofty objectives without evaluating its pocket.

However, I agree that GDP has its own adversitie­s. It creates ruthless competitio­n and leads to the exploitati­on of natural resources. I would have disagreed with the subject of the debate had it been about GDP being an accurate measure of developmen­t. While growth suggests excelling by any means, developmen­t is a much broader term. It is about sustainabi­lity, inclusion and being happy.

National Happiness ( GNH), which is now a much sought-after goal in developed countries, especially releasing a GNH index. DEBOJIT DAS

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