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India's future buildings will have to incorporat­e traditiona­l architectu­re if the environmen­t is to be saved

The superlativ­e is overwhelmi­ng. India has the fastest growing green building industry in the world. And the pace of the growth is phenomenal: the area under certified green buildings has increased from just 1,858 square metres to 325 million sq m in 12 years. At a time when India is urbanising rapidly, going green in our constructi­on is desirable. But uncomforta­ble questions are being raised over the green building concept. Are the certified green buildings really environmen­t-friendly? Are they even energy-efficient, the single most important aspect of a green building?

Voluntary green building policies have so far failed to improve the performanc­e of buildings. Often these policies provide technology-driven solutions. As a result, the so-called green buildings do not adhere to the minimum need of saving resources. India has a strong architectu­ral tradition that has responded creatively to diverse climatic conditions. Can we resort to this to draft a modern script for green living?

Anumita Roychowdhu­ry and Snigdha Das in this special coverage bring together a diverse group of experts who not only demystify the concept of green building but also explore our age-old building techniques that can be infused with new designs, materials and technologi­es to make modern buildings more comfortabl­e and liveable.

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