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By 2015, MOC and MoEFCC seem to have com­pleted the salami op­er­a­tion. Min­utes of a meet­ing they held to ex­am­ine the fea­si­bil­ity of ex­clud­ing very dense forests from min­ing re­veal how they worked to re­v­erse de­ci­sions to pro­tect forests. Coal min­istry of­fi­cers were “de­puted” to work di­rectly with FSI and de­ci­sions were taken to re­move coal blocks from in­vi­o­late cat­e­gory (see ‘For­est clear­ance is all about say­ing Yes’, The gov­ern­ment had also more or less junked the con­cept of Go and No-Go. Now, it goes strictly by the pro­ce­dures laid down un­der FCA.

This Act states di­ver­sion of for­est for non-for­est pur­poses must be scru­ti­nised and cleared by FAC on a case-to-case ba­sis. To im­prove de­ci­sion-mak­ing, for­est area to be di­verted is di­vided in 1 km x 1 km grid and fed into FSI’s GIS-based De­ci­sion Sup­port Sys­tem (DSS) soft­ware. “The for­est area to be di­verted is an­a­lysed us­ing DSS. The soft­ware has in­built lay­ers which take care of pa­ram­e­ters like for­est cover,

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