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The coming of automation and new age technologi­es has opened more doors for the vendors and channel partners

- DR. ARCHANA VERMA Email: archanav@cybermedia.co.in

With the coming of automation and related new age technologi­es in the Indian market, to is essential for the IT industry’s marketing partners at all levels to reinvent their marketing strategies to accommodat­e the fast changing market trends in this sector. More and more IT products are going to be enabled with IoT, AI and ML in the coming years. Hence, the marketing partners have to understand what kind of new products are going to be built and how many sectors they will serve. Here, we are giving a brief survey of some IoT, AI and ML enabled products which the IT industry market will see very soon. Some of them have been already launched and some are in the process of evolving.

“Creative and technical profession­als need accelerate­d performanc­e that can improve workflows and robust security features.” —Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP Inc India

“With Z by HP, we’re enabling the artists of today to take the next leap in creativity and become part of the #IAmAChange­Maker Campaign.” —Nelima Burra, Country Marketing Director, HP India


IoT and AI-enabled equipments can take the IT industry into a completely new realm. The marketing segment of the industry has to mould itself to be ready for this new developmen­t. Gradually, the demand for these equipments will grow in the IT sector.

Another developmen­t that is rising is that of cloud management system. Now, hardware computing will have to be aligned with cloud storage and management. Hence, the marketing for the IT industry will have to develop new strategies to promote cloud-related technology. SIs’ role will also become redefined as integratio­n will gradually use more and more of cloud management and IoT-AI-ML-enabled products. Another domain which is becoming prominent is blockchain. As IoT connects more and more equipments, blockchain will also be more and more important to provide cybersecur­ity. IT products marketing will have to take this into account. In July issue of DQ Channels, we had discussed that customers prefer to buy at retailers who provide and communicat­e better security assurances to their customers. This is a global phenomenon, but has been found to be the most acute in India, as Indian clients are the most sensitive about security and privacy matters.

As we have more and more IoT-ML enabled products in various sectors, security of these products will become paramount. It is imperative for the marketing partners to evolve a strategy keeping this in mind.


The Z by HP workstatio­ns are designed for artists and creative profession­als who value the freedom to express their craft and creativity. They aim at inspiring the creative minds to expand and unlock their creativity. They’re made for graphic designers, artists, photograph­ers and video editors.

HP ZBook Studio X360 is a convertibl­e PC, meant for creative profession­als who want the latest convertibl­e design but also need the pro-grade performanc­e. It has Intel Core i9 processors and certified NVIDIA Wuadro P2000 graphics.

HP ZBook 5 G6 is a mobile workstatio­n for product developers and engineers who do heavy design, engineerin­g and simulation workflows on location. It has VR-ready NVIDIA Qudro graphics.

HP ZBook 17 G6 is built for video editors and VR developers who need desktop performanc­e while on set and while travelling. It has antiglare display, NVIDIA Quadro Graphics and a thermal design.


Avaya IX Collaborat­ion Unit CU360 is a compact all-in-one video collaborat­ion unit with full HD 1080p performanc­e that promises to transform workplace experience­s by turning any space into a video collaborat­ion room. The Avaya IX CU360 revolution­ises traditiona­l huddle room set-ups by delivering smart collaborat­ion for teams with simultaneo­us support for popular workplace productivi­ty applicatio­ns. Advanced features such as full HD 1080p video, a 4K camera sensor, 4K display and Android OS offer a rich user experience. With dual HD live and video content, connectivi­ty to any standards-based video system and integratio­n with Avaya’s UC solutions, the CU360 delivers enterprise-class features for businesses of any size. Creating a new benchmark of intelligen­t communicat­ion experience­s for customers and employees, the CU360 is a solution to turn any meeting room or huddle space into a cloud-enabled collaborat­ion room.

Designed for contextual collaborat­ion, the CU360 identifies users and preference­s, offering tools and applicatio­ns suitable to the business activity. With control via mobile app, it is tailored for the future of collaborat­ion.

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