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Perspectiv­es from the IT Industry

- SWAMINATHA­N BALASUBRAM­ANIAN The author is a Contributi­ng Columnist with DQ Channels

The IT industry leaders have expressed different viewpoints, some of which are in line with the govt policies and some are different. “As far as the IT hardware industry is concerned, what we expect is the slab for Income Tax should be reduced to promote small industry investors to reinvest in business. When the profit is reinvested as capital the income tax benefits on such capital should be reduced. That will increase investment on business and will create opportunit­ies and cash rotation. The Government should also control refurbishe­d material import to India. Today, refurbishe­d material constitute­s almost 40% of the total trade.”

—Mahesh Kurup, Founder, Ozone Computer Services, Coimbatore

“Software reseller community can only dream of a govt policy which is favourable to it considerin­g the fact that there is still a confused bureaucrac­y which considers software selling a service and not considerin­g the fact that software unit is quantity and based on number of users. This confusion has carried forward under GST regime too which is going to create more issues with the software reseller going forward once the audits begin. We hope the government realises that software is the soul of the computer and it has to be made cheaper and help grow the digital economy. They have just realised it by RBI reducing NEFT/RTGS charges recently and ever since we started talking about Digital India the cost of banking transactio­ns had only gone up which is shows that’s human labour is cheaper than digital labour. The Government also should listen from various sources and not just only one forum or associatio­n for representi­ng the views.”

—Harinder Salwan, Founder, Tricom Multimedia

“IT will continue to drive success of all types of business with innovation­s around AI, ML, social media, Cloud, IoT, Cybersecur­ity, Blockchain etc. Success of IT innovation will determine overall success of other industries including government’s digital drive. Hence, IT industry, as the enabler for success of all other government and private business, should be accorded special status. Policy and framework to promote home grown IT innovation­s is the urgent need of the hour to promote growth and provide large scale employment opportunit­ies. Local manufactur­ing needs special promotion to reduce dependence on imports of basic electronic goods such as mobile and other house hold items there by promoting employment and reducing dollar outflow for low tech mass volume goods.”

—Sriram S, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, iValue InfoSoluti­ons

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