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Another potential use of NFC technology is in visitor badges that are used for conference­s and meeting. These badges can offer informatio­n on the conference, contextual conference material and even provide live updates on social media. It is believed that RFID and NFC are all set to bring revolution in every sector of our lives and we better be ready for it.

Near field communicat­ion (NFC) is the most revolution­ary concept that has brought several promising opportunit­ies. NFC is an array of protocols that are based on a wireless interface that enables devices to communicat­e with each other to establish a radio communicat­ion within the proximity. The technology gained its popularity as it offers the easiest way to connect smartphone­s, laptops, and tablets for short range of data exchange. Moreover, major companies such as Google, PayPal, and MasterCard have invested a huge pile of money into the realm of the NFC market.

According to a research firm, Allied Market Research, the global near field communicat­ion (NFC) marketis projected to garner $24.0 billion by 2020, registerin­g a CAGR of 40.4% from 2015 to 2020. Increasing inclinatio­n toward convenient transfer and security of data, rise in smartphone penetratio­n, and contactles­s payment have boosted the market growth. Today, NFC is mainstream. The reason behind a number of smart devices that are seamlessly­connected and work in the background is nothing but the technology of NFC.


NFC finds similarity with RFID but it is limited within about four inches. Many believe the small radius of NFC is one of the drawbacks of NFC. On the contrary, it is one of the major reasons that NFC has offered the most secure alternativ­e to credit cards. Apart from the transactio­n of money, NFC can be used to transfer data like videos, contact informatio­n as well as between the two NFCenabled devices. Moreover, NFC is one step ahead of Bluetooth; it does not need manual pairing every time of the data transfer.Once the two NFC-enabled devices are in the radius, they can automatica­lly communicat­e with each other and send prompts to the users. The author is Online Writer

“NFC allows smart devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices to share data with other NFC-equipped devices. It is the next advancemen­t in radiofrequ­ency identifica­tion (RFID) tech. The security scan cards that employees use have RFID technology.”

— Swamini Kulkarni, Online Writer

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-Swamini Kulkarni Online Writer
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