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Live in Style but Take Care!

- Archana Verma Dr. Archana Verma/archanav@cybermedia.co.in

Greetings friends!

We have one life and hence, we should live it well. Of course, we must also remember to make our society and environmen­t better in the process and leave this planet better for future generation­s. Now in 2019, the entire concept of how we should live our lives is changing with the emergence of new technology, which is not only about making life easier, but to making it more chic even if the previous technology was comfortabl­e enough. Hence, there is an entire range of new gadgets in the market which enable you to sense any movement around your house, to regulate the different equipments in your house and to make your house glow with different hues that turn on and off automatica­lly as you move in and out. Students can have faster laptops with greater capacity to store and browse informatio­n.

While you browse through these gadgets, you must remember that we live in a world where many don’t have access to even the basic amenities of life. Hence, adapt to new technology with a concern for the environmen­t and society. Make your workspace more diverse and use equipment that consume less energy. Don’t waste water. Earn money to make this world better, not just to become rich. If you have partners in your business, take care of them because they work hard to make your business grow.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this issue in this monsoon!

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