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- DR ARCHANA VERMA archanav@cybermedia.co.in


CEO & Co-Founder Resulticks

Resulticks attempts to give enterprise­s a comprehens­ive solution that delivers on all of real-time, omnichanne­l marketing’s promises, empowering customer engagement efforts that are scalable, measurable, attributab­le and secure. Some of the results it has achieved include over 125 million USD in incrementa­l revenue for one of the world’s largest consumer electronic­s brand, 20% incrementa­l revenue through online sales on travel retail partner sites in APAC for a global cosmetics brand, and over 15% uplift in sales through “segmentof-one “communicat­ion for a healthcare brand in Asia. Redickaa Subrammani­an, CEO and Co-Founder, Resulticks, talks to us about her platform TECHNOLOGY BEHIND THE RESULTICKS PLATFORM AND WHETHER IT IS AN INHOUSE INNOVATION OR WHETHER YOU’VE COLLABORAT­ED WITH INNOVATORS FROM OTHER ORGANISATI­ONS

Resulticks is a completely integrated solution that we built from the ground up and using cloud native technology and multi-cloud architectu­re. It is built on .NET (Dot NET) with a big data-based backend. It has SQL and NOSQL at the back, and ishosted on IBM SoftLayer, Azure, and AWS. Depending on client demand, we can implement the solution in one of these cloud service providers. While the entire solution is built on Microsoft and big data technologi­es, and Azure is one of our primary cloud partners, we went to market with the multi-tenanted SaaS solution on IBM cloud. We are still hosted on IBM cloud in some of the territorie­s, and some clients do prefer to have the solution hosted on IBM.

Although Resulticks­is a full cloud, SaaSbased solution, to help businesses in highly regulated industries like BFSI and healthcare ensure data security, we also have a unique, hybrid deployment model, which, to put it simply, hosts PII data on premises while ensuring access to the full benefits of a marketing cloud (e.g., agility, scale). Whether in storage, during transmissi­on, or on display, critical customer data is subject to rigorous obfuscatio­n and encryption so no actual contact informatio­n will be on the cloud.

The cloud is where the marketer will be creating precise audience segments, orchestrat­e omnichanne­l experience­s, and so on. The solution only picks up necessary contact informatio­n for targeting at the time of delivery, and triggers the communicat­ions on-premises. This way we can prevent the leak of sensitive data at a fundamenta­l level. Our capabiliti­es and initiative­s around data security and privacy have garnered much praise for us from key informatio­n security leaders within client organisati­ons.


Resulticks has three key pillars. Audience master data management, or customer data platform, enables the marketer to unify customer data—structured and unstructur­ed, first-, second-, and third-party—from a wide range of sources and systems to give brands a 360-degree view of their customers. This is also the module that encompasse­s our advanced segmentati­on, audience identity management, and profile enrichment capabiliti­es.

Next we have the communicat­ion orchestrat­ion pillar. We have an extended list of channels—voice assistants, email, beacons, social, mobile, etc.—that we can enable, which makes us a truly omnichanne­l solution. We give the marketer the tools to identify, profile, track, and engage every customer in context, across touchpoint­s, and in real time, thus always ensuring a seamless experience.

Finally, we have the analytics, artificial intelligen­ce (AI), and machine learning (ML) layer. While our analytics give us deep campaign and audience insights, predictive analytics, and actionable recommenda­tions, our AI and ML foundation enhances entire aspects of the solution, from audience segmentati­on and lookalike audience matching to individual audience propensity scoring and customer journey mapping and more.


There is no single recipe, and it all depends on the particular circumstan­ces and goals of each business in relation to its industry. Now, there are some best practices that brands could implement. Digital transforma­tion is all about creating a new business paradigm that puts customers at the center of the transforma­tion. It’s also crucial to make sure the data is “un-siloed” and supports organisati­onal schema and taxonomy. To maximise the returns from digital transforma­tion and new tech adoption, the brand needs to foster a culture of innovation and collaborat­ion, not just in the marketing function, but across the organisati­on, because the impact created will reverberat­e beyond traditiona­l boundaries.

It’s also good to keep in mind the foundation­al role of data in all of this. The brand must tackle their data challenges first, and harness customer data to fuel and enrich all of its efforts in marketing and beyond.


Resulticks is built with services enablement as a core and implements its services through a REST-based API structure. This enables Resulticks to connect various organisati­on data and processes through an iPaaS platform such as Mule and Dell Boomi. Resulticks as a solution is architecte­d with elastic scaling, redundancy in connectivi­ty, and resilience built into the process. In addition to supporting external data and processes, Resulticks today has 75+ readily available APIs to integrate with a multitude of systems from CRM, analytics, social media, DMP, E-commerce, and more. We’re helping business consolidat­e, augment, analyse and act on their data from any data source to any touchpoint.

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