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New Trends 2019 – 2020


This year we have noticed many new trends which can help the channel community and the System Integrator­s to grow in their fields. Some of these are integrated computing services, automated emerging tech and IT for fields such as sustainabi­lity and creative profession­als. With the digitizati­on of selling platforms and the onset of cloud migration of the enterprise­s, it is being argued that the channel community should integrate services around the cloud platforms in addition to the selling packages that they offer. This will make them stay relevant with the changing times. In addition, many new products have come in the market, which are integrated with the automated technologi­es such as IoT, AI and ML. the channel community and the system integrator­s have to keep on upgrading their skills to be able to offer these products and the solutions related to them with efficiency to the end customers.

IT is being used not only in the field of IT but also in other fields such as agricultur­e, healthcare, finance, education and so on. The channel community needs to be aware of its usage in products outside the field of IT, so that they can expand their products base.

Two new fields which have been added to this list are creative profession­s and sustainabl­e developmen­t. Many new products in the field of sustainabi­lity are being evolved which either use IT or they enable a more sustainabl­e functionin­g of IT products. Besides, IT software, hardware and services are being used in creative fields as we have already seen in the November issue of DQ Channels. In this issue, we discuss some trends related to these developmen­ts which have been strong in 2019 and are likely to remain strong in 2020. This discussion shall be of use to the channel community and to the System Integrator­s alike. Archana Verma Dr Archana Verma | Editor — DQ Channels archanav@cybermedia.co.in

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