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Emerging IT Trends 2019-20

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends In 2020

- DR ARCHANA VERMA archanav@cybermedia.co.in

“With clients moving to the cloud, partners must evolve services around cloud as well. The clients don’t know everything about the kinds of services that are needed. The partners must decide what services work best with the cloud and what services work with on-premise data. They have to offer consultati­ve services to the customer.” —Kaushal Veluri, Director, Channels & Alliances, NetApp India “Secure, resilient global connectivi­ty is crucial for our future business success and critical to running our business. As we move more of our business to the cloud, our customers’ success depends on our ability to connect them to our applicatio­ns, and to help ensure those applicatio­ns deliver the highest standards of performanc­e and security.” —Thomas Saueressig, CIO, SAP & Executive VP, Global Cloud Infrastruc­ture “Konica Minolta’s global corporate commitment to help society move forward by solving environmen­tal issues and improving quality of life is evident here in Bergen County.” —Lynne Algrant, CEO, the Bergen Volunteer Centre “In addition to the 30% recycled plastic that makes up the Tango Terra printer, which is designed, manufactur­ed and maintained under the CarbonNeut­ral Protocol, it uses cartridges that are based on 48-73% recycled content from plastics recovered from oceans and beaches. This is the world’s most sustainabl­e home printing system.” —Ellen Jackowski, HP Global Head Sustainabi­lity Strategy & Innovation

This year has seen the emergence of some IT trends which are relevant for the channel community even for the next year. The channel community should be aware of them and strategise accordingl­y. Following is a brief discussion of some of these trends which may become very important in the future.


With more and more enterprise­s moving towards cloud and digitisati­on of the commercial process, the traditiona­l roles of the channel community are becoming less and less relevant. This has adversely affected some of the channel members. But, it is being argued that the channel community should integrated cloud computing services in their hardware and software selling packages. This is because the customers can’t always do cloud computing by themselves and the channel community can respond to this need. Some major emerging cloud computing services are –

UCaaS – Unified Communicat­ion as a service. This is an enterprisa­l solution to intergrate all communicat­ions through cloud-based software. UCaaS aims to eliminate large-scale infrastruc­ture and the dependency on a full-fledged IT team.

iPaaS – Intergrate­d Platform as a service. This combines on a single platform all softwares, solutions, applicatio­ns and programmes that are required by an enterprise and eases out the workflow. It integrates the cloud-based as well as on-premise operations and proesses on a single platform. This makes the operation of organisati­ons easy.

FaaS – Function as a service. It allows the clients to develop, run and manage all functions on a single platform. It removes the complexity of buildings and infrastruc­ture.


Now products have begun to be made which are integrated with IoT, AI-ML etc. channel community has to become aware of these technologi­es so that they can sell these products. Sometimes, these products maybe from the core IT domain, while at other times, they may be from different sectors but integrate emerging IT.

In previous issues we have discussed agricultur­al, healthcare and financial products among others, which integrate these emerging technologi­es. This trend is likely to grow and hence, required the channel community to be prepared.


As the planet moves towards climate change, it is increasing­ly being felt that sustainabi­lity is no longer an option, but a mandatory compulsion. There are some establishe­d enterprise­s like Konika-Minolta and HPI that have begun to integrate their products with sustainabl­e technology. On the other hand, there are emerging organisati­ons which have establishe­d themselves on the foundation of sustainabl­e technology for IT industry.

If the channel community recognises the potentials of these new products and services and integrates them in their work, channels shall remain relevant all the time.

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