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Fortinet's Latest Security Processor Accelerate­s The Industry's Best-Selling Next-Generation Firewall

FortiGate 60F Sets a New Benchmark for Security Compute Ratings and Delivers High-Performanc­e for Integrated Security and SD-WAN RAJESH MAURYA

- The author is Regional VP, India & SAARC, Fortinet

Fortinet has announced the FortiGate 60F Next-Generation Firewall, the fastest, most powerful desktop Secure SD-WAN appliance.With over 1.5 million units sold worldwide, the FortiGate 60 series is the best-selling nextgenera­tion firewall and now includes Fortinet’s purpose-built system on a chip 4 (SOC 4) security processor to achieve the highest Security Compute Ratings in the industryto support customers’ WAN edge transforma­tion.

Digital innovation and rapid cloud adoption is changing the face of today’s business and has created significan­t challenges for organizati­ons, such as poor user experience due to network bandwidth constraint­s and increased security risks with branches connected to the internet. Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) have emerged as the favored solution to solve these issues while also reducing the costs associated with MPLS connection­s. However, not all SD-WAN solutions have risen to the requiremen­ts of today’s WAN edge. Many SD-WAN solutions on the market are incomplete anddo not adequately provide the right performanc­e, visibility, or securityto ensure a secure connection and high quality of userexperi­ence.

To continue its focus on supporting enterprise­s’ WAN edge transforma­tion and delivering Secure SD-WAN, Fortinet is announcing the latest next-generation firewall to include its patented SOC4 security processor: the FortiGate 60F.


'PSUJ(BUF ' DPOTPMJEBU­FT 4% 8"/ BEWBODFE SPVUJOH BOE BEWBODFE security capabiliti­es into a single appliance that enables network leaders to deploy Secure SD-WAN quickly and easily, while also reducing complexity by consolidat­ing point products into a single offering. This allows high performanc­e and improved user experience at an optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). 5P IFMQ DVTUPNFST NBJOUBJO IJHI RVBMJUZ VTFSFYQFSJ­FODF GPS UIFJS CVTJOFTT critical traffic (be it SaaS, multi-cloud, or unified communicat­ions), FortiGate 60F delivers best-in-class applicatio­n steering, giving visibility to all traffic (even if encrypted) without impacting performanc­e and ensuring all critical applicatio­ns are routed to their best path. 'PSUJ(BUF ' MFWFSBHFT 4FDVSJUZ %SJWFO /FUXPSLJOH QSJODJQBMT o QPXFSFE CZ 'PSUJOFU T QBUFOUFE 40$ TFDVSJUZ QSPDFTTPSo UP EFMJWFS UIF GBTUFTU deep inspection of SSL/TLS encrypted traffic (including the industry’s first support for TLS 1.3) at 750Mbps, 11 times greater than the industry average. The FortiGate 60F offers comprehens­ive threat prevention with IPS, applicatio­n control, and anti-malware at 700Mbps, four times greater than the industry average,to help customers protect their network without impacting performanc­e.

Fortinet security processors radically increase the performanc­e, scalabilit­y, and value of Fortinet solutions while greatly improving user experience and shrinking space and power requiremen­ts.

Security Compute Rating is a benchmark that compares the performanc­e of Fortinet’s purpose-built ASIC-based next-generation firewall appliance to other NGFW and SD-WAN vendorsin that same price range that utilize generic CPUs for networking and security capabiliti­es. The FortiGate 60F powered by Fortinet’s SOC4 security processorh­ighlights the security processor advantage, enabling the following Security Compute Ratings:

The FortiGate 60F offers the best price/performanc­e in its class and lays the groundwork for network leaders to easily migrate to Secure SD-Branch by extending security from the WAN to the access edge in an integrated and automated fashion from a single console.

Today’s announceme­nt reinforces Fortinet’s commitment to Secure SD-WAN and aligns with Fortinet’s recent positionin­g among the top three vendors in worldwide market share for SD-WAN equipment by revenue in 2Q19, showing a 234% quarter-over-quarter growth rate. The solution is also backed by third party validation, receiving two consecutiv­e “recommende­d” ratings in the NSS Labs SD-WAN Group Test Reports. This additional validation underscore­s Fortinet’s focus on delivering the best performanc­e and advanced security to deliver true WAN edge transforma­tion to its customers.

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