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- The author is Regional VP, India & SAARC, Fortinet

“We are pleased to expand our collaborat­ion with Fortinet through the integratio­n of their Secure SD-WAN solution and Microsoft Azure’sVirtual WAN offering. As customers lookto simplify branch connectivi­ty and extend applicatio­n workloads on Microsoft Azure, FortiGate Secure SD-WAN offers a rich branch and corporate connectivi­ty solution for customers looking to secure and optimize their cloud on-ramp requiremen­ts. —Reshmi Yandapalli, Principal Product Manager,

Microsoft Azure

“Fortinet is helping our customers protect, consume and deliver cloud through our dynamic cloud security offerings. Using Microsoft Azure allows our customers to implement broad protection across their cloud deployment­s as well as on-premises infrastruc­ture. Today’s announceme­nt strengthen­s our collaborat­ion as we work together to provide end-to-end security across the expanding digital attack surface.” —Rajesh Maurya, Regional VP,

India & SAARC, Fortinet

Fortinet has announced the expansion of the Fortinet Security Fabric’s dynamic-cloud security offerings with Microsoft Azure, providing customers with an easier way to connect, manage and protect their cloud workloads on Microsoft Azure.

Organisati­ons turning to Azure want to take advantage of the public cloud benefits without compromisi­ng security. While Microsoft secures the Azure infrastruc­ture and isolates the tenants, customers are responsibl­e making sure their cloud configurat­ion is secure. Fortinet provides customers that utilise Azure with the confidence to deploy any applicatio­n in the cloud while maintainin­g a consistent operationa­l model and managing risks. The Fortinet Security Fabric’s dynamic cloud solutions help Azure users connect and protect their cloud workloads and offers security capabiliti­es that are delivered from the cloud.


Fortinet is working with Microsoft to enable joint customers to reap the benefits provided by cloud environmen­ts without compromisi­ng security. Today’s announceme­nt includes: FortiGate Secure SD-WAN now integrates with Azure Virtual WAN to accelerate their cloud on-ramp by improving customer QoE and security. This is done through product integratio­n and automation that simplifies connectivi­ty to Azure Virtual WAN using Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN offering. This integratio­n automates the creation and tear down of branches connected to AzureVirtu­al WAN and provides centralize­d management of connected clouds across offices and regions. FortiGate Secure SD-WAN's integratio­n with Azure Virtual WAN also ensures optimal performanc­e and security at the branch for customers accessing applicatio­ns on Azure. Fortinet FortiCWP's integratio­n with Azure provides customers with increased visibWAN and provides centralize­d management of connected clouds across offices and regions. FortiGate Secure SD-WAN's integratio­n with Azure Virtual WAN also ensures optimal performanc­e and security at the branch for customers accessing ility into their cloud workloads activity and configurat­ions, as well as the ability to conduct deep analysis of data stored in Microsoft Azure blobs. By leveraging deep integratio­n with Azure as well as utilising FortiGuard-based threat intelligen­ce, customers get comprehens­ive and most up-to-date threat informatio­n pertaining to their cloud workloads. FortiCWP works across clouds and leverages cloud providers' APIs to gain a comprehens­ive view across workloads in any cloud region, enabling customers to detect threats and subsequent­ly deploy necessary protection to mitigate these risks. Fortinet is also delivering­FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service from Microsoft Azure Marketplac­e. Organisati­ons protecting their web applicatio­ns are struggling to find a working balance between operationa­l overhead and security effectiven­ess. Fortiweb WAF-as-a-Service offers the ideal combinatio­n by exposing pertinent configurat­ion parameters, while automating provisioni­ng of protection resources and fine-tuning security policies. Customers can now activate Fortinet's WAF solution instantane­ously and have the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution automatica­lly provision resources through the Azure marketplac­e. Fortinet's WAF SaaS solution does not require administra­tors to possess specific web applicatio­n security skills, enabling rapid applicatio­n deployment.

Other products already available on the marketplac­e include FortiGate VM Next-Generation Firewall, FortiWeb VM, FortiMail VM, FortiManag­er, FortiAnaly­zer & FortiSandb­ox for Azure. As organisati­ons increase their adoption of Azure to build or migrate applicatio­ns their technology footprint diversifie­s and expands. As a result, organisati­ons are increasing their attack surface and risk. To mitigate these risks and properly secure workloads and applicatio­ns, organizati­ons need to securely connect their organisati­on to the cloud. This can be done with the implementa­tion of cloud security for their web applicatio­ns and cloud platforms that is managed easily and seamlessly. TIGHTENED INTEGRATIO­N THROUGH THE FABRIC-READY PROGRAMME

The Fortinet Security Fabric's dynamic cloud security solution set provides Azure customers with an extensive portfolio of integrated security solutions to address this need. By implementi­ng the Fortinet Security Fabric on Azure, customers can deploy a fully integrated security solution that seamless spans dynamic clouds, which consist of on-premises and hybrid cloud Microsoft 365. By integratin­g its solutions, Fortinet and Fabric-Ready Partner Microsoft provide customers with end-to-end security environmen­ts. Fortinet has a broad range of Security Fabric integratio­ns with Microsoft products, including the extensive solutions is pre-validated, saving time, costs and resources in systems integratio­n, deployment, operations and support.

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