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IValue Partners with Virsec to Deliver Applicatio­n Protection


iValue InfoSoluti­ons has partnered Virsec, a cybersecur­ity company delivering a radically new approach to protect organizati­ons against advanced cyberattac­ks.

This move is in line with strengthen­ing iValue’s commitment to protecting and transformi­ng digital assets of organizati­ons across key industries such as Defense, Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Healthcare, etc.,

Virsec Security Platform is the first solution that determinis­tically blocks advanced memory-based attacks, unknown threats, stealthy fileless malware, and more with complete accuracy and no impact on applicatio­ns.

Using patented Trusted Execution technology, the platform delivers the most advanced applicatio­n protection against sophistica­ted attacks, discoverin­g and preventing exploits of critical composite applicatio­n functions, process memory and the CPU-stopping threats that bypass traditiona­l security solutions.

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