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CyberArk Alero Extends Secure Access to Remote Workers


CyberArk has expanded capabiliti­es of CyberArk Alero to support emerging business continuity priorities. Building on its core use case of enabling privileged access for remote vendors, Alero, a SaaS-based solution combining Zero Trust access and biometric multi-factor authentica­tion, now allows remote employees simple and secure access to critical systems managed by CyberArk.

“At IDB, we pride ourselves on driving innovation and are always looking for ways we can better address the changing needs of our employees and customers,” said Dave Smithers EVP, CIO & COO at IDBBANK. “We originally adopted CyberArk Alero to help us easily provision and secure privileged access for third party vendors. Expanding this capability to include remote employees is an exciting developmen­t – especially in today’s environmen­t where work often needs to happen beyond our office walls. Knowing our remote users are secured gives us the confidence to be agile in any situation.”

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