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- DR ARCHANA VERMA archanav@cybermedia.co.in

DQ Channels held the inaugural edition of its new series titled Emerging Tech Forum. The event was hosted for the channel community and presentati­ons were made by Western Digital, Zebra Technologi­es and LogMeIn about how the emerging technologi­es can accelerate IT growth

With the emerging technologi­es of automation, intelligen­ce, sensorial techs and cloud storages, the IT products, solutions and services are fast evolving the channel community can’t remain the same as before. Channel members have to evolve and keep pace with the changes that are coming in. With this thought in mind and to discuss the dimensions of IT growth and challenges for the channel community, DQ Channels held the inaugural edition of its new Emerging Tech Forum on 28th of Feb 2020 at Crowne Plaza, new Delhi. The Sapphire Partners were Zebra Technology, Western Digital and LogMeIn. Deepak Maheshwari, a prominent IT Policy expert and Rajender Singh Bhandari, Director, Technology and Solutions Group, Netapp India were also present to express their views on Data Policy and Data Management.

Opening the event, Dhaval Gupta, Executive Director, Cybermedia said, “The IT industry, the channel community and the emerging technology are at the crux of driving the economy not only of India, but also of the world. We have thousands of SaaS channel partners. Whether we can have more is a question to explore. Organisati­ons have been deploying more and more data scientists, AI experts and leveraging more and more intelligen­ce tools etc in recent times.”

Ibrahim Ahmad, Consulting Group Editor, Cybermedia, said in his welcome address, “We keep hearing that the channel partners are losing their relevance with the emergence of various IT platforms, but the partners continue to grow and to contribute to the IT growth. Vendors can’t do away with partners, as their role is very critical.”

Dr Archana Verma, Editor of DQ Channels, highlighte­d on the varied crossroads on which the channel partners were standing in certain areas of IT industry, as they grew in some other areas.

“SMBs are using the cloud for data storage because it’s costeffect­ive. This gives a good business to the channels because they can offer services of data migration and management in cloud.”

—Manpreet Ahluwalia, Regional Manager, North, Western Digital

In online environmen­ts, AI is used to respond to the repetitive and mundane queries of the clients.”

—Vikas Malhotra, Enterprise Head, LogMeIn

Deepak Maheshwari said, “In addition to volume, variety and velocity of data, a fourth variable i.e., veracity of data is also important. Data must be reliable, real-time, authentic and verifiable. Today you can develop a new algorithm in AI and you can also test it. IT plus OT makes IoT. The Data Protection Bill requires the data collecting organisati­ons to seek explicit consent of the people before gathering data.”

Rajender Bhandari gave an extensive overview of data movement, management and analytics across all the formats of emerging technologi­es, especially in a GPU. He said, “There are partners who can stack up the data and build algorithms around it for the clients. Data movement in the cloud reduces the cost.”

Manpreet Ahluwalia, Regional Manager, North, Western Digital, highlighte­d the importance of storage and analytics of large amount of data. He said, “Large amount of data is valuable only if it is available at the right moment and its value is deciphered accurately. Fast adaption, 100% utilisatio­n of data is changing the face of the market for the storage industry.”

Vikas Malhotra, Enterprise Head, LogMeIn, said, “We’re using AI and ML for all our products and solutions. In online environmen­ts, AI is used to respond to the repetitive and mundane queries of the clients.”

Alok Gupta, President, PCAIT, said, “I’m proud to say that more than 75% of the GST that the government is getting in the IT sector is through our partners. We always work to enhance the business of our partners.”

Puneet Singhal, President, CMDA, said, “We discuss and try to resolve the challenges that the channel partners face. The challenges may come for the clients, or the OEMs. We also help people in our associatio­n if they are in need.”

Zebra Technologi­es sent a video which explained its work and products and solutions. In the end, BPR displayed its products and solutions in a video. Shubhendu Parth, the Editor, Voice and Data gave the Vote of Thanks.

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