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- Archana Verma Dr Archana Verma

Greetings friends!

Emerging technologi­es have been the major catalytic for IT business growth, with their sensorial, intelligen­ce, data analytics and data management skills. Seeing this developmen­t, DQ Channels held an event on this topic on the 28th February 2020 in New Delhi.

I truly thank all of you for your participat­ion, which made it a resounding success.

Emerging technologi­es have accelerate­d the IT business growth and this has had a tremendous impact on the channel partners. With the emergence of new products and solutions, they now have access to many more opportunit­ies to grow their business. Cloud and various IT platforms which have come into play have given them a chance to build their services around these new technologi­es.

At the same time, some vendors want to use the IT platforms to directly reach their end customers in the domains of hardware and software. This has thrown a challenge for the channel community to evolve new strategies to stay relevant. They have met this challenge with success so far.

This is also a month of the Internatio­nal Women's Day. IT industry has seen a gradual rise of women in leadership roles. Our regular column on Women in IT has been featuring such women leaders regularly, showing that they are no less than men in their prowess of IT technology and business.

Welcome to all of you to this issue. We invite your feedback on our DQ Channels coverage and also look forward to your suggestion­s about new areas that we can cover for you. We have a DQ Channels feedback group on the WhatsApp which you all can join.

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