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Chappell lauds India strategy in 3rd Test


India figured out England’s general ‘ineptitude against spin’ during the second Test in Chennai and used it to its advantage in the ‘Pink Ball’ game by unleashing a spin-heavy attack on a helpful track, says former Australia captain Ian Chappell.

Indian spin duo of Axar Patel and Ravichandr­an Ashwin claimed 11 and 7 wickets respective­ly to bowl out England for 112 and 81 in the two innings en route to its 10-wicket win in the third Test on Thursday.

“India’s decision to select three spinners for the Test was prompted by England’s batting on a tricky Chennai pitch, where their batsmen Joe Root excepted - displayed a distinct ineptitude against spin,” Chappell wrote in a column in ‘ESPNcricin­fo’.

“India correctly calculated that would result in mental scarring and used it to their advantage.”

Chappell said it was poor defence which led to England’s collapse in the third Test.

“When faced with a serious spin challenge, the England batsmen didn’t trust their defence, which eventually resulted in panicked attempts to attack the Indian spinners,” he wrote.

“Their choice to reverse-sweep rather than to leave their crease to change the bowler’s length is a classic example.

“How can a risky premeditat­ed shot be less dangerous than what was previously a trusted technique to unsettle good spinners?,” he questioned.

Chappell said, “Shrewd use of footwork not only helps negate the spin but also puts a batsman in a position to direct the ball where he wants.”

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