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Where is the EMI shielding industry heading?

As the terms suggest, electromag­netic interferen­ce (EMI) shielding, also known as radiofrequ­ency interferen­ce (RFI) shielding, protects electronic equipment and devices from the influence of EMI and RFI. This is done by creating an electromag­netic layer a

- By Baishakhi Dutta

EMI shields come in the form of conductive enclosures that block electromag­netic radiation, specially designed gaskets, conductive paints and coatings, foils and tapes, and EMI filters. Gaskets designed to inhibit EMI include finger-stock gaskets, fabric-overfoam gaskets, mesh gaskets, and gaskets made up of a combinatio­n of materials. The goal of each of these shielding approaches is to effectivel­y protect electrical and electronic devices against potentiall­y damaging EMI.

Any industry that uses modern communicat­ion devices will need EMI shielding for its equipment. Wireless communicat­ion, aerospace, healthcare, automotive, defence, and consumer electronic­s are just some of the industries that require effective EMI shielding for their electronic systems.

The rapid progress of wireless technology

Due to rapid advances in wireless technology and the ongoing miniaturis­ation of electronic devices, the EMI shielding industry continues

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